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Gavin Freitas... Storyboard Artist - The Simpsons

"Stephen was beyond helpful with his suggestions about how to present my art portfolio for my website. It really helps showcase my talents so hiring supervisors can see my range of abilities. I feel much more confident in sharing my work thanks to Stephen!"

 30 minute 1-On-1 SKYPE meeting


This mentoring program gives you the opportunity to talk with Stephen 1 on 1 uninterrupted for 30 minutes. The purpose is to help encourage you and guide you in the right direction so that you can continue your own development. 

Stephen’s style of the 1 on 1 mentorship is constructive. He provides critiques and demonstrates solutions. He encourages you and points you in the right direction. The motivational aspect of his instruction is what sets him apart from other professionals.


"Our company has grown tremendously, now with 50 employees and big-name clients like HBO, Nike, and Ubisoft!. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your valuable advice and mentorship all those years ago. Your guidance played a significant role in our success, and I am truly grateful for the time you invested in me."

Paul Barbin - Creative Director, DEPARTMENT Maison de Creation




30 minute recorded SKYPE session- Some of the many topics discussed depending on your needs and wants in the session.

  • Ideal portfolio organization that recruiters/directors need to see
  • The right way to connect with recruiters
  • What needs to be improved upon in your portfolio to be taken seriously
  • look over your current artwork, discuss areas for improvement
  • Discuss career goals
  • What to keep in, take out, and add more of
  • How to stand out
  • What steps you must take to keep improving your art
  • resources you may not know about
  • Selling your art
  • Career advice and direction best suited for you
  • Draw overs on artwork
  • Pricing advice
  • Finding jobs
  • Setting goals
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Julie - Silver Drawing Academy Member



Zac Moncrief - Director/Producer

"I requested a meeting with Stephen to see if he could take a quick look at my site to offer any advice. I knew he would be able to offer some suggestions on streamlining things and making them more palatable for someone wanting to see my work.  He explained what he was always looking for as a recruiter, and provided some wonderful guidance on how to simplify my own site. The toughest part for me was figuring out how to simplify and cover the multiple skill sets I needed to represent, not just one singular role. He’s got a great eye for character design, but also a wonderful eye for artist representations, too."



Gabe Lung

"Today Mainframe Studios offered me a junior set design position for a year and I accepted it! I’ve waited so long for this and I’m ecstatic! I believe things really took a turn when I engaged myself in the art community where I was able to meet you! We had a skype meeting last may when I first talked to you about pursuing this position and together we formulated a plan for my portfolio. That was when things really picked up steam and I’m so grateful to have had you mentor me through this process. Thank you so much, you’ve been such a great inspiration and source of wisdom for me and the art community!”



Halla Shepard - Wolfe

"The prospect of booking a consultation with Stephen Silver was exciting for me. Growing up watching Danny Phantom and Kim Possible, I was familiar with his work. However, I was still anxious about what he would say about my portfolio, but the anxiety was unnecessary. My critique from Stephen was very frank and detailed, and his insight helped me see what I needed to improve on and what direction I needed to take to land a job in this industry. Thirty minutes was enough time to get the write amount of feedback, and the draw overs really helped since I'm a visual learner. Thank you Stephen!

Hey, I'm Stephen

Learn from me – an industry leader

Stephen is responsible for the visual character development and design of some of animation’s most iconic shows; including Disney’s Kim Possible, Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom, and Disney’s Clerks: The Animated Series, to name a few.

He developed intellectual properties for some of the largest media companies in the world; such as Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Sony, MAD Magazine, Reel FX, Bento box, Hasbro, Universal, DreamWorks, and more.

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