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8 week Character Design Course with full length classes

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Erica Bey

"The lessons are laid out with a short instructional followed by assignment that reinforces what is being taught. I also love the fact that your site allows each lesson to be marked complete because even though I will be revisiting the ones I have marked complete it helps me organize what lessons I have already done/worked on. I also really enjoy the amount of time Stephen spends reviewing and looking at everyone’s assignments."


David Woodgate

"First and foremost, I have to say your site and school provide some of the highest value of any drawing/artistic instructional site on the internet. You've truly created something amazing and I was overwhelmed at the amount of high quality content on offer."


James Francis

"This is a fantastic site. You learn the ropes around art techniques, the art business as well as the right attitude for success. The lessons range from beginner to things even pros must know, especially around character design. The community is great and Stephen is always there, encouraging and guiding us. I'm so happy this academy exists."


Juana Mool

"I joined the Silver Drawing Academy a month ago or so, last week I watched a 4 minute lesson and after it, I was able to focus on the right things and catch the feeling of a pose for the first time in my life (I think), it also helped me to push things (which is something I struggle with). In a matter of seconds my drawings changed dramatically for the better, it’s pretty insane. Go join if you can is worth every single penny."

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