Why I Started The School

I discovered early on that my true passion in life is teaching and when I decided that I wanted to pursue this full time, I put a plan into place and created The Silver Drawing Academy.  I have enjoyed the process of witnessing my students over the years grow and succeed in the art industry, starting up their own companies and being hired within the animation studios.

Having reviewed hundreds of portfolios from artists wishing to break into this emerging industry, I know that I can help guide artists in the right direction in order to give the boost needed to take the next step. My goal is to help build the artists confidence and skills in order to have a fulfilling art career as well as remember how fun it is to draw.

Silver Drawing Academy is here to help with clear, practical instruction.

-Stephen Silver

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Stephen Silver


Born in London, England and now residing in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids, Stephen Silver has been a professional working artist, character designer and teacher in the industry for over 30 years developing intellectual properties for some of the largest companies in the world such as, Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Sony, MAD Magazine, Reel FX, Bento box, Hasbro, Universal, DreamWorks and more. IMDB PAGE 

Stephen is responsible for the visual character development and design of some of animations most iconic and cultural hits such as Disney’s Kim Possible, Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom, Disney’s Clerks: The Animated Series to name a few. Stephen Silver's Website



Learn new techniques and exercises to help you improve upon what you have learned in the past.



Develop the skills and mindset to communicate with clients, and learn what it takes to work as a professional.



Discover great new exercises for you to teach and share with your high school and college students.


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