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The Silver Drawing Academy was specially designed to introduce students to drawing, character design, gesture, caricature, and the business of art. Students will learn industry-standard techniques for producing top-notch character designs and get the tools they need to begin a flourishing art career. This proven program builds confidence while inspiring students with new ideas and daily drills to help them grow.

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You know you should find a good mentor... but you have no clue where to begin and who to trust.

I was just like you...

I was practicing non stop with no real guidance on how to improve my art and how to navigate the business side of the industry. 

My goal is to help others build their confidence and succeed in the art industry. Academy students have gone on to start their own companies and get hired at animation studios.


Would your life 
be different if you...

Showed up confidently as an artist every day.
✔ Knew how to get your art into the hands of those that matter.
Mastered industry techniques that you will use forever. 
✔ Had a mentor who could guide you as you grow.
✔ Could build an effective portfolio that recruiters will remember.
✔ Had a community of like-minded artists that you can walk with side by side on this journey.


Stephen Silver's
Silver Drawing Academy

Online Lessons & Weekly Live Zoom Meetings

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Silver Drawing Academy is the first of its kind that not only teaches you the art of character design but also the business side of the industry.

I am available to my students both in the community and via weekly zooms. I work hard to help you succeed. 

Having the lessons be simple and short makes it easy for you to see the improvement right away and grow faster than anywhere else out there.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Push your ideas and poses
  • Gain insight into shape language
  • Create characters based off a description
  • Understand design fundamentals
  • Quick sketch from life
  • Break down and exaggerate the human face
  • Bring your characters to life using multiple techniques
  • Assemble an effective portfolio
  • Use new skills to become a studio or freelance artist
  • Utilize business strategies to create your own IPs

Take your character design skills to the next level and unlock your potential with these proven online lessons!

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Here’s what’s inside:

For just $299 gain access to all the topics below


Beginning Techniques

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned professional; this is a great place to start. Get an exciting refresher on the fundamentals.

Drawing Heads

Learn how to construct and draw the human head in a variety of styles, angles, and shapes


Add life and energy to a range of poses. Discover how to observe and capture movement in any drawing you create. These techniques can be applied to animation, illustration, and more.

Party Caricature

Sharpen your observation skills and learn how to break down a face, accurately capture likeness, and produce studio quality caricatures. Become equipped to take on freelance work.

The Silver Way Overview

Access video lessons reviewing the core principles of The Silver Way, one of the top ranked books on character design. Receive step by step breakdowns of concepts outlined in the text to reinforce what you’ve read.

Developing Characters

Discover industry standards for character design; including clean-up, turnarounds, lineups, expression sheets, and more. Design an array of characters in different styles. Understand what you need to show potential clients in order to get work.

Drawing Animals

Watch as I break down animal shapes and explain my methods. Learn how to find the character in references and explore different art styles as the course progresses.

Drawing Drills

Explore daily drawing drills specially designed to polish observation and drafting skills while boosting confidence.

Developing Characters

Discover industry standards for character design; including clean-up, turnarounds, lineups, expression sheets, and more. Design an array of characters in different styles. Understand what you need to show potential clients in order to get work.


Utilize our library of handpicked reference websites, drawing exercises, animation resources, and more.

Art Gym

Bulk up your skills with a daily drawing exercise routine. Art Gym provides the structure to fuel improvement. Use this drawing plan alongside the video lessons and witness your gains.


Develop a creative mindset and learn how to organize a clear path to your art career goals during these encouraging and thought provoking sessions.

Live Weekly Meetups

Join 5 live sessions each month to stay connected, motivated, and active. Ask me questions as we draw together.

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ANNUAL Self-Paced Character Design Program


One Year Full Access / One-time Payment


  • 400+ video tutorials
  • 5 Live Zoom meetups monthly
  • New content added weekly
  • Learn from an industry pro
  • Live drawing sessions monthly
  • Daily drawing routines
  • Exercise sheets
  • Drawing drills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Connect with the community
  • Weekly motivational talks
  • Great for beginners, intermediates, and professionals
  • Achieve faster results
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Instructor-Led Fundamentals of Character Design - 8 week course



  • Next session April 8th - June 3rd, 2024
  • Weekly one-on-one critique sessions
  • Learn from an industry pro
  • Monthly Live Drawing Sessions
  • Weekly Zoom meetups throughout year 
  • Drawing drills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Connect with the community
  • Great for beginners, intermediates, and professionals
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30 minute recorded SKYPE session- Some of the many topics discussed depending on your needs and wants in the session.

  • Ideal portfolio organization that recruiters/directors need to see
  • The right way to connect with recruiters
  • What needs to be improved upon in your portfolio to be taken seriously
  • look over your current artwork, discuss areas for improvement
  • Discuss career goals
  • What to keep in, take out, and add more of
  • How to stand out
  • What steps you must take to keep improving your art
  • resources you may not know about
  • Selling your art
  • Career advice and direction best suited for you
  • Draw overs on artwork
  • Pricing advice
  • Finding jobs
  • Setting goals
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Hey, I'm Stephen

Learn from me – an industry leader

Stephen is responsible for the visual character development and design of some of animation’s most iconic shows; including Disney’s Kim Possible, Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom, and Disney’s Clerks: The Animated Series, to name a few.

He developed intellectual properties for some of the largest media companies in the world; such as Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Sony, MAD Magazine, Reel FX, Bento box, Hasbro, Universal, DreamWorks, and more.

As seen on: 

What others are saying...


Julie - Silver Drawing Academy Member




Josh Ohmes

"Since starting the classes, I've seen a huge improvement in skill, and confidence. I do highly recommend this online school for anyone looking to push themselves. Self teaching is good, but with structure. it helps to see fast improvement, plus the weekend drawing with stephen  drawing is a main reason to sign up."



Ahmed Sidky

"SDA is a valuable learning resource if you’re looking for an online art school that teaches easy to understand and practical lessons that you can apply instantly to improve your drawing skills. Stephen Silver is a genuinely outstanding teacher and is devoted to sharing his 30+ years of art experience, wisdom and techniques so you can grow as an artist."



Juana Mool

"I watched a 4 minute lesson and after it, I was able to focus on the right things and catch the feeling of a pose for the first time in my life (I think), it also helped me to push things (which is something I struggle with). In a matter of seconds my drawings changed dramatically for the better, it’s pretty insane. Go join if you can is worth every single penny."


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