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"I learned more through your quick teachings than I did with four years of art school."

"With his brilliant exercises, accurate tips and motivational speeches, I realized that I actually had some chance if I targeted well all my energies...and it worked!"

"Thank you Stephen Silver for your inspiration and your ability to express the true nature of your imagination."

Student Alumni


Alan Stewart

"I have been a character designer for the last 10 years, and I feel I owe stephen silver my gratitude. The courses I took from him really helped launch my career as a designer. I have never been a “school guy” but any course stephen is teaching, I would like to take. The truth is, I get asked often by young artists what courses they should take for character design, and for years I have been recommending stephen silvers courses. ... if you’re reading this, just take the course already!"

Mitch Leeuwe

"Stephen Silver is a fantastic teacher with an impressive career. He helped me to learn and understand how to draw and design strong and appealing characters. His way of teaching is very accessible and challenging at the same time. This combined gave me that well needed push in the right direction to develop my skills. Besides all the technical skills I learned by following his classes, he also gave me the motivation and mentorship I needed to grow as an artist. After his lessons I knew exactly what I needed to improve and what to do next to develop myself even more in my craft. Stephen played an important role on my path to become an artist and I can highly recommend other artists to follow his lessons."

Jeremy Hoffman

“The first time I read and studied “The Silver Way”, it was a real eyeopener for me on many levels. It’s an awesome book about character design, filled with knowledge, fun tutorials, techniques and tips. I can say it absolutely helped me to make big steps in improving my character design skills. When people ask me if I have any tips in getting better at character design, I always recommend them to read and study this book.“


What I gained from listening to student reviews of my courses

Adding features and content to The Silver Drawing Academy is a constant goal of mine to make this a great experience for all members that join.

Join me in the Silver Drawing Academy!

Sam Borchard

"Silver Drawing Academy is a perfect source for any artist who wants to improve their skills, mindset, and artistic discourse. I learned a lot through one on one video critiques with Stephen, zoom drawing sessions and sketching along with streaming videos. You really feel like he’s following along with you every step of the way, it’s truly an encouraging experience."

Will Terrell

“I have known Stephen Silver for many years. And in that time he has always been an incredible teacher, sharing lessons from afar, unveiling the mysteries of cartooning and animation. But it wasn’t till getting to take his classes, at first online, and then in person, that I was truly able to level up as far as character design is concerned. He not only was able to explain the process, but also the thinking you need as a professional to be able to work in the industry. But my favorite part of Stephen Silver’s lessons is that he always seems to care more about the person, and wants us not only to be good artists, but to be our best selves. And that’s something you can’t put a price on.”

Sondra Mantle

"A massive, comprehensive, and organized collection of videos that alone are worth the subscription. What truly sets Stephen apart is his genuine interest in the success of his students and his openness to talk about the ups and downs of being an artist, including tips on transforming your thought process!"

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