Guided art lessons taught by 30 year industry pro Stephen Silver that will improve your drawings, confidence, speed, and portfolio to get you noticed as a professional artist. 


2 Day Online Character Design Workshop

November 12 - 14th 2021

Limited spots available

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Art Talks

Listen to a variety of topics to help you grow and discover career direction

Streaming Lessons

Watch hours of updated 5 minute video tutorials


Connect with artists, share work for review and attend live drawing sessions

What's included inside the Silver Drawing Academy

All lessons are taught by Stephen Silver, Character Designer of Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Clerks the Animated Series and many more.

Weekly Live Meetups

Join in the 6 live Zoom sessions each month to keep us connected, motivated and drawing together. Ask me any questions at any time.

"I want to thank you for all the amazing work that you are putting into SDA, it's been really a great experience for me and I have definitely seen an improvement in my work."
- Diana Luna / Member
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Art Gym

A daily exercise routine to help give you the structure to produce greater results. Use this drawing plan alongside the video lessons suggested and witness your growth.

"Thank you so much for the critiques, it was so much help!, I already feel stronger about my skills."
- Dwayne Biddix / Member
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A place to visit and hear of ways to get you in the right mindset, organizing a clear path for you to fulfill your goals and pursue the art career you desire.

"Stephen gave me the tools to improve my drawings, lessons that I still use today."
- Bobby Pontillas / Art director

Beginning Techniques

Weather you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this is a good place to start for those wanting a fundamental refresher.

"The Silver Drawing Academy is an amazing opportunity for any artist beginner or advanced, I only wish it was available sooner."
- Courtney Bunting / Member
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Drawing Heads

Learn how to build and draw the human head in a variety of styles, angles, and shapes.

"I Love the fact that your site allows each lesson to be marked complete, It helps me organize the lessons I have already worked on."
- Erica Bey / Member


Learn how to put life and energy into a variety of poses. Discover how to observe and draw from life to capture movement in any drawing you create. These techniques can be applied for animation, comics, illustration and cartooning.

"I watched a 4 minute lesson and after it, I was able to focus on the right things and catch the feeling of a pose for the first time in my life."
- Juana Mool / Member
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Discover how to breakdown a face to capture likeness, observe quickly, and produce a theme park / party sketch. Learn how to create  studio quality caricatures in order to take on freelance and commission work.

"I've taken a lot of classes online for art throughout the years and these courses have progressed me more than all the other ones combined."
- Theodore Fergason / Member

The Silver Way Overview

Watch and learn from various video lessons based off the core principles of the #1 top ranked books on character design "The Silver Way". You will hear a step by step breakdown from various lessons outlined in the book in order to reinforce the subject matter.

"You Learn the ropes around art techniques, the art business as well as the right attitude for success."
- James Francis / Member

Developing Characters

Learn about required aspects of design from clean up, turnarounds, lineups, expression sheets and more.Watch how to design a variety of characters in various styles. Understand what is needed to show potential clients in order to get the jobs.

"The short video format works perfectly for me as a father of 2 daughters and a full time job."
- Ka Yin / Member

Drawing Animals

Watch as I discuss how and why I break down animal shapes and learn how to find the character. Practice drawing a variety of styles as you watch the video lessons.

"You've truly created something amazing and I was overwhelmed at the amount of high quality content on offer."
- David Woodgate
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Drawing Drills

Explore a variety of exercises that can be used daily and have been created to help you improve your observation, drawing, and confidence skills.

"I've seen a huge improvement in skills and confidence."
- Josh Ohmes / Member
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Character Drawing Prompts

If you struggle coming up with characters to design, this category will help by giving you a variety of character design suggestions for you to draw.

"SDA is a valuable learning resource if you're looking for an online school that teaches easy to understand and practical lessons that you can apply instantly to improve your drawing skills ."
- Ahmed Sidky / Member
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Explore a variety of reference websites providing photos, drawing exercises, animation resources and a variety of other visual references for you to learn and draw from.

"This site is filled with hundreds of short and positive drawing tutorial videos. It's great for busy people who may only have a few spare minutes per day to sketch."
- Matt Watts / Member



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Character Design Lessons


One Year Full Access / One time payment

  • Over 400 video tutorials
  • 6 Live Zoom meetups monthly
  • New content added weekly
  • Learn from an industry pro
  • Monthly Live Drawing Sessions
  • Daily drawing routines
  • Exercise sheets
  • Drawing drills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Connect with the community
  • Weekly Motivational Talks
  • Great for beginners, intermediates, and professionals
  • Achieve faster results
Check out student reviews and gallery

Instructed Fundamentals of Character Design - 8 week course


One on One critique sessions

  • Personal instruction
  • Weekly one on one meetups
  • 5 month access to lessons
  • Weekly Zoom community drawing meetups 
  • Recorded video critiques
  • Community access

Portfolio Review / Career Advice


30 minute private session

Sign up for a personalized one-on-one  session. 

  • Learn what to develop further
  • Get a creative nudge
  • exercise recommendations
  • Portfolio review
  • Help in identifying your weaknesses
  • Draw over reviews
  • Recorded and sent to you
  • Critical analyzation of your work
  • Create a strategic plan for your goals
  • Accountability     

8 Week Instructed Fundamentals Of Character Design Course

This is a separate program from the Character Design Lessons.

Next Semester Begins 

JANUARY 10th 2022

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