About Us

Silver Drawing Academy is an art school driven by the goal of helping you improve your drawing ability through live classes located in Simi Valley, California. Additionally, it will teach the business of art, what it takes to become an independent artist in this exciting emerging market, how to take control of your career to create your own path, how to develop the skills and mindset to communicate with clients, and what it takes to work in a studio environment. Basically, everything you need to IGNITE YOUR PASSION!

Silver Drawing Academy was founded by Stephen Silver, a character designer in the animation industry for the past seventeen years designing shows such as Disney’s Kim Possible, Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom, and many more. Stephen has seven pub- lished books on character design, sketching, and life drawing. He has been teaching artists for over fifteen years in classes both live and online, as well as lecturing and providing professional workshops for studios such as Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Insomniac Games, Powerhouse Animation, and many art schools and colleges around the world.

Why Should I Enroll?

Let the truth be told - a studio or client will never hire you simply based on a graduation certificate from a four-year art school. Your portfolio is your diploma!
If you want to succeed as an artist today, you need the following three elements that you will learn studying with us at the Silver Drawing Academy:
1. Artistic Skill - You will improve the talent and skills needed to convince the client that you are skilled at what you do and are worth being hired.
2. Exposure - You will learn the skills and mindset of the creative avenues you must take to create your exposure, eliminate self-doubt, and face your fears.
3. Make a living as an artist - You will learn how to build your confidence as well as how to create a strategy and business plan to guide you through your creative path in order to make a comfortable living.

Why I Started This School

While many instructional art schools are available exclusively online, I wanted to create a hands-on, live artistic community to be an environment that removes you from the solitary confines of your home and in- spires you to create while amongst fellow artists.
Learning art is not just about step-by-step tutorials.

It is about inner feelings, hands-on experience, and a human connection. It is about questioning, exploring, and experimenting. You need a place where you can learn from the teacher while being inspired by your new friends. Learning art should be an immersive ex- perience. It is for this purpose I have created the Silver Drawing Academy.

Over the years I have seen the disappointment many students have felt about their artistic abilities after having attended a four-year school. They have expressed to me their frustrations for having paid excessive amounts of money without receiving the knowledge they were promised. Having viewed thousands of portfolios from graduating students, I have seen many artists completing four-year programs lacking the professionalism and skills required to have a fulfilling art career.

Silver Drawing Academy is here to help with clear, practical instruction.

-Stephen Silver

Courses Offered

Many students don’t have a choice of who to learn from when they attend an art school, but here you will. Each course offered at the Silver Drawing Academy is taught by me personally.

Character Design Course

Taught by Stephen Silver, this eight-week course offers a great opportunity to watch and learn in a live class setting. Stephen expounds on his experiences and techniques about how to create appealing, energetic character designs, and will take your life drawing skills to the next level.

The eight classes will cover many topics in design such as:

• the importance of the thumbnail process
• creating variety
• clarity in design
• shape variation
• silhouettes
• rhythm and flow
• balance
• pushing shapes and poses
• construction
• attitudes and expressions
• quick gesture and much more

Stephen will also discuss his philosophies on getting started and getting ahead in the art industry. Be ready to take lots of notes, do some drawing, and have FUN!