Jenny - "One thing about the course that I enjoyed was how unconventional it felt compared to other courses that I have taken that involve drawing. I liked that the course was prepped with various experimental drawing exercises which not only keep the weekly routine from becoming monotonous but it does help the student keep on his or her toes and avoid falling into complacency."

Babetta - "I loved the lectures about art and becoming a more accomplished artist with my skills and abilities. I am constantly learning every day about caricature and expression that Silvers class gave. It gave me a chance to challenge myself with new theories and experimentation. Thank you Stephen Silver for your inspiration and your ability to express the true nature of your imagination."

David - "I signed up for a character design class and I got a lot more than that. I really found the inspirational business and life experience stories as beneficial as the art instruction. This class has reinvigorated my love for animation/ art and renewed why I got into this for a living."

Julia "Fitzy" - "I had the opportunity to take his Character Design course, and found that he was extremely thorough and very encouraging of all his students, regardless of skill level. He lays out his course in a very progressive way. Each weeks’ lesson builds upon the previous weeks. Whether you are new to drawing or a seasoned professional, he is sure to be patient and teach you what you need to know. Stephen is an amazing artist and teacher. I am honored to have studied under him and would highly recommend his classes."