"Thank you so much, Stephen! I'm truly grateful the constant, positive encouragement, from both you and this wonderful community. I hadn't really noticed how much I was needing to be a part of one before!" 

Cristian Rojas









I was drifting to negativity. Self negative talk. It was all becoming very overwhelming. It was going on loop in my mind. Maybe I was losing hope too. But attending today's talk, that one hour of positive talk really pulled me out of it. - Tanu



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 "Thank you so much for 'pushing' me to try harder Stephen, I really do appreciate it.  I always think I have gone as far as I can and done my best but I go back after your feedback and see how and where I can push some more. I really appreciate what I am learning in these classes, from feedback and from others in the group."  -  Janet Trotta


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