Character Design

In addition to your skill, much of your success as an artist is predicated on your heart. Do you have the fortitude to draw when you do not feel like it? Can you keep pushing at a task even if your ideas come at a trickle? Throughout the course I will discuss something that is often overlooked, but which is of vital importance: the mindset needed build your confidence, maintain your drive, and boost your passion and self-esteem. These will be your keys to getting ahead, finding your voice, and creating the most important thing of all: your future.
As a character designer, you will be responsible for exploring new ideas through characters. Your role as a designer will be to create major and incidental characters for animated television, feature films, videogames, etc. as well as possibly create characters for your own intellectual properties.

Throughout this course, I will share with you the creative process of drawing that i go through and my personal techniques for producing successful character designs. You will learn to understand clarity and shape variation, as well as many other important principles and elements of design.

In my lectures, I will provide you with a better understanding of the drawing and design process, and give you tools with which to constantly improve your skills. This 8 week instruction course will build your confidence in drawing while inspiring you with new ideas that will help you grow continuously.